About eShoji


Mark, a Wisconsin native, started making shoji in Hawaii in 2001. It was the beginning of our company Shoji Woodworking. His wife, Emi is Japanese and handles products in eShoji Paper Store. We loved Hawaii but moved the business to Wisconsin in 2005, to be close to Mark's family.

We visit Japan every year to see Japanese shoji makers, shoji paper manufacturers and hardware suppliers to keep up with the latest trend in shoji market.

We make custom shoji screens, track system, shoji doors, shoji window coverings and more in our shop in Slinger, WI. We also offer a wide range of shoji paper to end users and design/build professionals. Our goal is not only to offer the best shoji products, but also to compile and share shoji related information to assist customer's shoji projects.

Mark in Tategu Fair 2003, Shiga, Japan

Emi (2nd from right) in a shoji paper factory, 2008, Japan