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Are you looking for rice paper for a shoji screen? Shoji paper is sometimes called rice paper, but traditional Japanese paper called washi is actually made of kozo (Japanese mulberry), and it has nothing to do with rice. But you came to the right place. We have a wide range of shoji paper, from very basic traditional paper to weather-proof Shoji Acrylic Plate. To learn more about shoji paper, read How to Choose Shoji Paper. Send us email or call us to ask questions, and request samples. We are here to help you!

Basic Shoji Paper

Traditional paper for shoji screens, lanterns and lamp shades. Cloud dragon, Bamboo, Pine, Maple.

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Kozo Shoji Paper

Authentic washi, kozo 100%. See the natural beauty of translucent mulberry paper on your shoji screen.

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Laminated Shoji Paper

Laminated shoji paper is tear-free & surface washable. Strong and beautiful.

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Waterproof Shoji

Waterproof shoji paper materials for bathroom, kitchen cabinets and outdoor use.

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Fusuma & Wallpaper

Go green with Washi Wallpaper. 100% Natural mulberry paper for wallcovering and Fusuma door.

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Shoji Hardware

Door pulls, wheels, tapes and more. For attaching shoji paper, Warlon Double Sided Tape is the easiest way.

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