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Send us an Inquiry Shoji Woodworking creates shoji screen as room dividers, window treatments and Asian home decor. There are different forms of shoji. Traditional Japanese shoji is a door-and-wood-track system, but we can customize shoji any way you want to fit in your home: a pocket door, closet doors, window treatments or freestanding room divider. Browse our photo gallery to explore the world of shoji, to get inspiration and see how to give your home Japanese touch.

Sliding Shoji Door System

Custom sliding door system needs to be professionally measured, installed and adjusted. We travel to measure, deliver and install within Wisconsin, but we also ship screens. We can also work with your architect, interior designer, general contractor, carpenter or cabinet maker.

If you want a traditional shoji sliding system, learn how sliding door and track system work. Send us an Inquiry below, email or call us for consultation.

Examples From Our Photo Gallery

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