Surface Washable Bamboo

Sheet Size:
3 ft x 7 ft (37 in x 84 in, 95cm x 215cm)

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KD68 Surface Washable Bamboo
3 ft x 7ft (37.4 in x 84.6 in, 95cm x 2.15m) sheet

Bring the feel of Japanese garden into your home with this beautiful bamboo silhouette paper. Traditional Bamboo impression shoji paper is coated with polypropylene/polyethylene, making this paper surface washable. Wipe with damp cloth when needed. Very affordable and convenient for busy household with children and pets. Recommended to attach with Y1A Double Sided Tape.

NOTE: When lattices are farther apart than 8 inches, this paper may not stay tight. Due to the coating on the paper surface, it cannot be tighten by spraying water.

*Colors shown are adjusted to show textures/patterns. Verify with samples.