Q. What is shoji and how to say it?

A. Short answer - It is a room divider. Long answer - see What is shoji? page. It's pronounced as "Show-jee".

Q. What is eShoij.com?

A. eShoji.com is the name of the website made by Shoji Woodworking.

Q. What is Shoji Woodworking?

A. Shoji Woodworking is our company name. See About Us.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are in Slinger, Wisconsin. See Contact Us.

Q. Do you ship shoji screens?

A. YES. Please see shipping page.

Q. Do you ship shoji paper overseas?

A. YES. Please see shipping page.

Q. Do you sell to other design/build professionals, such as shoji makers, designers and architects?

A. YES. See For Contractors.

Q. Do you have instruction on how to make shoji screens?

A. No, but we have some book links on How To page.

Q. How much does custom shoji screen cost?

A. It depends on the opening size, wood, wood finish, pattern, paper and how it's installed. Please contact us by email or phone for consultation. You can also contact us using the inquiry button on the woodworking page, and we'll reply by email.

Q. What happens if I call and ask for shoji screen estimates?

A. After we find out the size, finish etc., then we generate simple CAD drawings to give you an idea of what it'll look like, along with the overall cost estimates.