Laminated Paper Samples

Maximum Purchase:
2 units
0.2mm sample available in:
C52 Plain/C2 Cloud Dragon/C61 Off-white/C82 Tan/C120 Bamboo/C95 Waterfall/C39 Cherry Blossom
0.3mm sample available in:
C302 Cloud Dragon/C105Needles/C106 Flax/C107 Straw/C110 Gold/C102 White Silk/C112 Natural Silk
0.45mm sample available in:
C4552 Plain/C4502 Cloud Dragon/C4595 Waterfall
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Stain-resisntant, tear-resistant Laminated Paper samples, 3" squares.

Use 0.2mm thick for lattice span up to 8-10 inches
Use 0.3mm thick for lattice span up to 24 inches
Use 0.45mm thick for lattice span up to 36 inches