Shoji paper specs

Jul 23rd 2021

Shoji paper thickness and translucency (higher the % more translucent) Basic Thickness Translucency B21 Basic Paper Plain 0.11-0.12mm 43% B22 … read more

How to attach shoji paper using glue

Jul 23rd 2021

How to attach shoji paper using Y7 Shoji Nori Glue 1. Remove the old shoji paper, using wet cloth if necessary. If wood have finish on, pre-cut the paper to the door size with a margin at least 1/4”. … read more

How to choose the right shoji paper

Jul 23rd 2021

So, what are you working on? You have decided to make a shoji screen? You want to replace old, disintegrated paper? Or maybe you have a brand new screen that is lined with an unatt … read more