How to attach Peel & Stick Shoji Film to glass

Jul 28th 2021

How to attach Peel & Stick Shoji Film to glass

  1. When rough cutting, do not force the film to flatten. Every time film is unrolled, clear backing may separate from the film and adhesive may become uneven.
  2. Cut out the film to dimensions needed Allow a 1/16” gap between the edges of the frame and the film.
  3. Clean glass surface, removing any dust or grease.
  4. Spray a small amount of watered-down mild dish soap on clean glass. Moisture will allow a little bit of movement for shoji film.
  5. Use 2 - 3 piece of scotch tape on the top edge to help positioning the sheet of shoji film. 
  6. Slowly start peeling the clear backing from the top. Do not peel the backing all the way at once. Gradually peel it, while pressing shoji film against glass inch by inch using a squeegee or towel, to squeeze air and water mixture out. Work from the center towards the outer edges.
  7. If any air or water bubble is present, poke with a needle then smooth it out.

To remove shoji film, just peel it off slowly. Wash glass with warm water and mild soap. Use a razor blade to remove remaining adhesive if necessary.

CAUTION! Shoji film is not re-usable. Removing it will stretch shoji film and will not adhere properly.

Additional Notes:

  • When covering the whole window, leave 2-3 mm (1/16”) spaces around the edges to make a room for expansion.
  • Must use on a smooth surface.
  • Avoid installation under extreme conditions such as high temperature (over 95 °F), low temperature (below 40°F) or high humidity.
  • Not for exterior use.
  • Do not use it on polycarbonate (such as Lexan) board due to air bubble occurrence under shoji film.
  • Can be used on glass and 100% acrylic sheets.
  • Do not use on wire re-enforced/metal infused glass windows.

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