How to attach shoji paper using glue

Jul 22nd 2021

How to attach shoji paper using Y7 Shoji Nori Glue

1. Remove the old shoji paper, using wet cloth if necessary. If wood have finish on, pre-cut the paper to the door size with a margin at least 1/4”. (If your screen’s wood is unfinished as traditional Japanese doors, you can cut excess paper off after the paper is attached.)

2. Temporarily attach the paper on one side, centered to the screen using a piece of removable tape. Unroll about 2 feet to make sure the paper edges are parallel to the screen frames. Secure the paper with two more pieces of tape. Keep the paper rolled up.

3. Take the blue applicator cap off the glue bottle. Remove the blue inside lid. Put the blue applicator cap back on. Apply glue on the kumiko (lattices) first, then on the outer frames. If using a brush, patting motions may work better than stroking motions.

4. After ensuring that the one edge of the paper is secured temporarily to the top of the door, unroll the paper slowly.

5. Press lightly and smooth the paper out on the lattice, starting from the center towards outer frames.

6. If the paper is not pre-cut at the first step, cut off excess paper.

7. Let it dry completely. AFTER dried, and IF there are any wrinkles or sagging, spray water lightly on the wrinkled area. Most of the time spraying water is not necessary. Do not use glue, or spray water on Laminated, Surface Washable, or Hi-Tec paper.

NOTE: "Nori" is a common term for "glue", not a specific brand/product name. Other "nori" glue may not be strong enough to hold the weight and the size of the shoji paper for a door.

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