Laminated Paper 0.2mm Off White

Sheet Size:
3 ft x 7 ft (36 in x 84 in, 93cm x 215cm)
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C61 Off White 0.2mm
3 ft x 7 ft (36 in x 84 in, 93cm x 215cm) sheets

Traditional Off White shoji paper is laminated with 0.2mm thick film. The surface is slightly textured, so it is not shiny and has the look of authentic Japanese paper. It's durable, stain-free and surface washable with damp cloth. Flexible and easy to cut using scissors or utility knife for all the thicknesses. Y1A Double sided tape is recommended for installation. Indoor use only.

NOTE: When lattices are farther apart than certain distances, this paper may not stay tight. Recommended maximum lattice span:
0.2mm 12 inches
0.3mm 24 inches
0.45mm 36 inches

*Spraying water is not necessary.
*Colors shown are adjusted to show textures/patterns. Verify with samples.