Lay the screen on a table. If the screen has an inside ledge for the paper to sit in, cut Laminated Paper a little shorter (1/32" - 1/16") within the ledge so that there is a room to expand for the paper.


Apply double sided tape on the bottom rail, and all the vertical frames and vertical kumiko (lattices). Do not peel off the backings yet.

attaching shoji paper


Lay Laminated Paper on the screen and position it. Use a few pieces of masking tape to keep the paper in place, if necessary. Peel off the backing only from the bottom rail. Press the paper lightly on the tape. (It is still possible to take Laminated Paper off to reposition at this point. If Basic, Kozo or Hi-tec Kozo Paper, it will not come off the tape, once it's attached.) Keep the paper rolled up at the bottom.

attaching shoji paper


Peel off the backing on all the tapes from vertical frames and kumiko. After that, apply double sided tape on all the horizontal kumiko and the top frame.

attaching shoji paper


Peel off all the backings from horizontal pieces.

attaching shoji paper 4


Slowly unroll the paper while smoothing out from the center towards outer edges. Press on taped parts using hands or a roller.