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1 unit
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2 units
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If you want to have shoji doors in the teahouse in your garden, the answer is Waterproof Shoji Acrylic. Appearance of rice paper is printed and laminated on 2mm thick clear acrylic plate. This sturdy, rigid plate ships in flat cartons and requires professional installation. Popular choice for doors to the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, furnitures, lighting fixtures, illuminated wall/ceiling, commercial signs, room/office partitions, garden fences and more. Other sizes/thicknesses/color/patterns available, send us inquiries to info@eshoji.com with details of your shoji project to select appropriate product/samples. 

Standard sizes:
P2 White Cloud Dragon 2mm thick
1100x1360mm (44" x 54") From $230/sheet
910x1820mm (36" x 72") From $255/sheet
1000x2000mm (40" x 80") From $299/sheet

*Minimum requirement may apply, normally 2 full sheets of one size
**Price subject to change without notice.
***Shipping quote available upon request.