Hi-tech Kozo Paper Snow

Sheet Size:
3 ft x 7 ft (37 in x 84 in, 95cm x 215cm)
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K61 Hi-tech Kozo Paper Snow
37" x 84" (95cm x 2.15m) sheet

The paper is made of Kozo Mulberry and that's why it has such a nice, soft natural off-white tone. It has very faint stripes every inch apart, running length wise, which is a characteristic of handmade shoji paper. No pulp or dye added. Tear-resistant 3 layer structure of eco-friendly polyester film as core, and paper laminated on both sides. So the look and feel is authentic Japanese washi, only with added durability.

Easy to attach with our Y7 Nori Glue or Y1A Double Sided Tape.

*Colors shown are adjusted to show textures/patterns. Verify with samples.