Kozo Mulberry Paper Silk

$37.99 - $279.99
Small roll:
37 in x 11 ft 9 in (94cm x 3.6m)
Large roll:
37.4 in x 98 ft (95cm x 30m)
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K131 Kozo Mulberry Silk
37 in x 11 ft 9 in (94cm x 3.6m) roll - $37.99
37.4 in x 98 ft (95cm x 30m) roll - $279.99

Strands of beautiful silky fiber throughout on off-white color paper. Only 100% mulberry paper can have this nice, soft tone of off white. Naturally strong fibers. The authentic washi (=Japanese paper, literary) is a reproduction of historic Hadayoshigami, the paper endorsed by emperors of Japan. Washi doesn't yellow over time, instead, it brightens up as it ages.

Easy to attach with our Y7 Nori Glue or Y1A Double Sided Tape.

*Colors shown are adjusted to show textures/patterns. Verify with samples.